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Friday, February 24, 2017

Coachella News, Beyonce Will Not Be Performing This Year.

Beyonce will not be performing at Coachella due to her being pregnant and it's doctors orders.

We all knew she was pregnant, or at least might be. Mrs. Jay Z will not be performing at the Coachella Music Festival this year.

She announced earlier in February that she was pregnant with twins, there have been a lot of speculation in regards to whether or not she would be able to perform and we have it right here on "The Musicians Island," that she will not be performing due to doctors orders. But stop tripping man, she's going to be headlining for 2018.

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Beyonce, my thoughts.

Beyonce has always been a good artist, I mean personally I don't listen to her that much but I have nothing against her, she's a real good artist and I mean I know I'm a conservative and all that but that thing she pulled in the Superbowl last year was pretty cool. Beyonce has Jaydubs approval and I hope you make music for years to come, I've personally never been to Coachella before but I might head out this year to put some more content on this website! We will see.

Beyonce's "Best Thing I Never Had"

Here is my favorite video of Beyonce for "some reason," I don't know why but since guys only like women for their personalities and intelligence, I think she looks super intelligent in this video. Also look at the personality on that girl. Sorry Jay Z be happy other men think your wife is a intelligent woman. "If they ain't lookin' I don't want her."

Beyonce have a safe pregnancy! You have our support girl! -Jaydub