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Monday, February 20, 2017

Drake VS XXXTENTACION Shots Fired On Twitter!

Drake is going at it with Florida Rapper XXXTENTACION for allegedly stealing his song.

Shots Fired At Drake From XXXTENTACION

Near the end of last month, Drake unleashed a new song during a tour in Amsterdam that immediately sparked talk that he stole from a rapper in Florida named XXXTENTACION.

The teenager took to Twitter recently and lashed out at the OVO honcho, calling him a “pussy nigga” and accusing him of using his long-buzzing “Look At Me!” track as inspiration for the new song.

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The 19-year-old artist posted a series of tweets toward Drake on Twitter Sunday afternoon (Feb. 19), including a now-deleted tweet that read: 

“I’m not gonna twitter rap with niggas for stealing my flow, I slap niggas don’t come to Florida,” adding, “It’s funny how the industry let this pussy Nigga sit at the top for so long, all y’all suck kill yourselves, Meh dun chat.”

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XXXTENTACION resurfaced later and fired shots with anti Drake tweets.

XXXtentacion Drake
XXXtentacion Drake

XXXTENTACION Has Been In Jail Lately.

XXX has been jailed throughout much of his recent rise to popularity, and is apparently still in a Broward County jail awaiting trial for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.
None of that has slowed down XXX’s notoriety among the rap elite including support from A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, and Lil Uzi Vert. Let's see if Drake will fire shots back at him! -Jaydub