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Monday, February 27, 2017

Tupacs BMW He Was Shot In Is On Sale for $1.5 Million

The BMW Tupac was shot in is being sold for a large price tag

Tupac's BMW he was fatally shot in is on sale for over one million dollars

The vehicle that Tupac was fatally shot in, the BMW 750iL, will be sold on It's reported it's going for $1.5 Million Dollars TMZ originally reported.

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After he was shot

The vehicle it was impounded by the Las Vegas Police Department after Tupac's death and switched ownership a couple times after that. 

The picture of Tupac's BMW on sale

It's now on sale for over 1 million dollars

The car has been fully restored

It has no bullet holes or any indentations from the fatal shooting that ultimately killed our man Tupac.

He was shot in Las Vegas

The fatal shooting occurred September 7, 1996, Tupac was riding in the passenger seat with Suge Knight driving the car, another car pulled and emptied lead on the unsuspecting Tupac and Suge Knight. He was hit 4 times and died days later post injury.

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Tupac was one of the greatest. Maybe even GOAT.

We lost a good man, now they're selling the car for $1.5 Million. I think it's worth more personally, Tupac is one of the greatest still, many rappers can't hold a candle to the man. Tupac's car is now for sale on Moments In Time the legacy drives on..

You live on in all of us Pac' - Jaydub