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Friday, March 17, 2017

The Psychology Of Music

The Psychology Of Music

I'm sitting at a Starbucks right now, the ambiance of getting ripped off for a $5 cup of coffee and free wi-fi with pleasant music in the background. 

Imagine you're listening to a new song and you're trying to decide whether or not you like it. Maybe you hear a new Drake song on the radio, or Lady Gaga's "Give me a million reasons." The decision on whether you like the music is very subjective. 

I'm with my friends in their cars sometimes, they have their Spotify playing and I can't even understand how they like certain types of music. Like Bruno Mars, I can't stand Bruno Mar's songs too much. But she's in love with his songs. I don't get it. Not that he's a bad artist, it's just not my forte.

The psychological process of music.

The actual depth of the physiological process that goes through every individual's brain goes through in determining whether a song annoys you or pleases you is very deep.


It's a neurotransmitter that get's released in the brain, it's triggered by doing rewarding things such as eating foods you like, great experiences and even certain drugs. The scientifical terms are super boring so I don't want to go into it too much. But basically, if you find the song pleasurable, it makes things easier like cleaning or working.

A song you found beautiful once

Can turn sour, for example, a song you loved with an ex when you hear it played now you don't have the same good feeling. You might actually have the opposite feeling of good.

I had a song that gave a woman pleasure, she dedicated it to me. It helped her get over the break up which was by All-American Rejects, "gives you hell." It made her feel good to listen to it even though it had negative connotations for me. 

Just depends. Really.

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Why do songs from your past evoke such vivid memories?

We know the power of an old song can trigger strong memories that instantly transport us back in time and space. For example, whenever I listen to the song "Dilemma" by Nelly, it reminds me of my high school days with my then soon-to-be girlfriend and then ex-wife later on in life was trying to decide whether or not to leave her current boyfriend for me. She left him for me.

You ever heard a really old song and it caught you off guard?

And it just brings you back a tidal wave of memories, you're overcome by flashbacks and strong emotions?

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What song does it for you?

It's crazy because music is almost a universal bonding language, for example when Sublimes "Santeria" comes on, I sing it with strangers and us for the song's duration become best friends.

Music and Alzheimers disease

Recent studies have found that listening to music engages broad neural networks in the brain, including regions that are responsible for motor actions, emotions, and creativity.

That discovery actually may help explain why music elicits such a strong emotional response. Particularly even those with Alzheimer's disease

The part of the brain where music is activated is located in the medial prefrontal cortex region, right behind the forehead basically and it's one of the last areas of the brain to be affected by Alzheimer's disease.

Below is a viral video of a man and his father with Alzheimer's bonding through music.

When you were in high school

Do you have reminiscent memories of certain songs back then?

Your favorite music plus exercise is a winning combo

Imagine you're pumping iron, or running on the treadmill and you play "Eye of the Tiger" through your headphones, or whatever your favorite song. It gives you that boost of dopamine for motivation.

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Choose any music that inspires you

We've all got songs that we're embarrassed to love. But who cares?! It's your guilty pleasure. Let it bring back the good, let it help with the bad. Do you and be you!