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Sunday, March 12, 2017

YG Plays F*CK Donald Trump In San Diego, Didn't Get Fined $60K

YG didn't get fined $60,000 for playing FDT

Word is YG was supposed to get fined $60,000 if he played "FDT" at San Diego State University on March 3rd, 2017

He was supposed to be fined $60,000 if he did it

That was not the case despite numerous musical outlets were reporting that. It was said that if he played F*CK Donald Trump, it would be a breach of his contract and have a major fine of $60,000, but a rep from San Diego State University has stated that is false.

The news probably started when his fans started tweeting about it.

The story spun out of control after several media outlets ran with it but found later that it was false.

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YG performing at San Diego University did not get fined $60k for playing FDT

I like YG and Donald Trump

It's absolutely no secret whatsoever this website is run by a conservative. But I like YG as well and whatever beef he has with Trump is his own beef. To me Donald Trump was sent from heaven.

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To Make America Great Again

And guess what? I'm not white. So it's kind of like a beef between homies almost. Both of them have their own thing but I'm not going to pick sides. All I'm saying is handle it because I'm a big fan of YG's music as well.

The crowd went wild

When he played FDT, it makes sense. YG's had me as a fan since back in his early days and when he released that song with Drake it was  a rap. Keep it up YG, but I still like Donald Trump we can agree to disagree my friend.

Video at San Diego State University

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