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Sunday, October 29, 2017

How I got 18,000+ Followers On Instagram

I want more Instagram followers

Picture this, everyone, You decide to buy this super nice camera that cost over $1,000+ to take some nice looking professional pictures that you can post on your Instagram feed in hope that if people see professional pictures they'll be absolutely dying to click the "follow" button!

You and you're friend go out to the beach and you pose for an epic picture of you looking serious with a sunset and breathtaking horizon. You tell your friend to take a "candid" photo of you having fun when everyone knows the shot wasn't candid at all, but it looks good.

You take some more pictures, maybe showing off your tits, if you're a man maybe showing off that body you've been working on in the gym for the past 6 months. 

After you're done with the beach, you stop by to the local ice cream bar and decide to take a picture of eating a delicious pistachio ice cream with a caption stating "Never forget the little thing's in life." 

You're so ecstatic and overflowing with joy that you have these nice pictures you get to post on Instagram. They look so good you don't even add a filter, and matter of fact you let the world know that you didn't need a filter so you added the hashtag #Nofilter.

Who know's what I'm talking about?

Now to upload the new flicks.

You immediately upload the photos at 10:30pm on a Sunday night and you add a compelling caption and a few hashtags.

And then, you hit "post."

And then, you wait.

And wait, and "Omg my auntie in another country liked the photo!"

And then you wait some more, reloading your feed every 5 seconds to see if you got another like on the photo.

So you do this for about 30 minutes and you realize you've only got 21 likes on the photo. And then it's dead. Within 24 hours you've accumulated 32 likes and you don't know what happened. 


First off, you should know that there are certain times in the day you should post and it shouldn't be on a Sunday night at 10:30pm when most of your followers are more then likely not on the app.

I mean you bought an expensive camera, you took beautiful pictures of yourself, I mean these pictured look good, they look so good that you didn't even need a filter on em'.

So what's happening?

You see that particular scenario plays out in many different places and ways on Instagram. You have these beautiful photos that you want to gain traction and nothing happens. 

I'm all too familiar with this scenario because I've been through it. I spent real money on good clothes to take pictures in so I can hopefully get more followers on Instagram when they see what I'm wearing is really nice and they'll engage whenever I post.

I was stuck at only 300 followers for years until I learned how to master hashtags for Instagram. I now hit the explore page all the time, I have people paying me good money to advertise on my feed for them and you know what happens after they give me their money? They become happy clients who come back, again and again, to continue helping them build there Instagram.

Now my secrets are golden, they are inaccessible to those who aren't willing to put in the money or work to make your Instagram someone worth following. 

I gain about 100 followers a day now and get very high engagement on every post I put up. I average about 2000 likes a photo and many followers who ask me every day what am I doing that they're not.

2 Tips to create an engaging Instagram.

I'm going to give you two tips that you assholes better pay attention to in order to accumulate a large following.

1. Pay attention to your bio aspect of Instagram

Just because your name is Rodney Johnson and you have a nice camera you're taking pictures with doesn't mean anyone even cares. Why the fuck should I follow you? Because you have nice pictures?

You need to have something compelling, something that sticks out but simple.

When people first click your profile that's the first thing they see. I can't stress how important it is to have something interesting in your bio section of the profile. If there's nothing interesting about you than lie about it. I mean it's the internet who gives a shit? But don't go saying you make a $1 million a year when you definitely don't. That's just scamming people and that's wrong.

The question you're going to want to ask yourself is "what makes me follow someone else?" And then do it.

2. Set your profile to PUBLIC and use correct #Hashtags

I've got a client of mines right now, she shot me a DM, had a nice set of "puppies" on her chest so I decided to let her slide into my DM by giving her an answer. She followed me but I didn't follow her back so I clicked her profile it was private.

When people have private profiles, I don't follow back, period. I don't know you, I can't see what you're about so I just exit the profile when it's set to private.

But this girl had DM'd me so I hit request so I can see her juicy pictures of hers. 

She accepted shortly thereafter and I stalked her Instagram, do you know what pissed me off about the whole thing?

This girl was using like 40 hashtags on every photo, and her profile was set to private. 

Now here's the issue, when you're profile is set to private, you're hashtags don't appear in the "recent posts" feed on Instagram. So basically you're just adding extra things to the photo that doesn't need to be added.

Besides that, her hashtags were retarded ass spam hashtags like #like4like #comment4comment.

She says "I'm trying to build a following but no one's following me other than my real life friends."

I told her, "your profile is set to private, hashtags don't work if it's on private and you're using 40 hashtags but the maximum Instagram will allow is only 30 hashtags per post."

To sum everything up, make sure your bio well received and make sure you're profile is set to public making use of all 30 hashtags. 

Targeted hashtags, for example, don't use #AtTheBeach when you're partying up with your girls at the club, you might want to use #Clubbing #DowntownLA #GirlsNightOut.

Make sure your hashtags are relevant because if you use spam hashtags on your feed, people will catch on and just ignore your profile altogether.

If you're really serious about gaining a following

I can do a free consultation to see where your Instagram might need help and figure out what goals you have in regards to why you have an Instagram.

Do you own a business?

Do you sell a product?

Do you just want more people to follow you?

Which one of these three is it? 

You can email me a and send me your Instagram name. I'll give you little tricks and tips specifically for your profile to help you gain more followers.

Or you can DM me by following me @jaaaydeeeezy and inquiring straight from Instagram. 

Happy hunting everybody!